Steve Wonder

Stevland Hardaway Morris, known professionally as Stevie Wonder, is an American singer-songwriter. He is credited as a pioneer and influence by musicians across a range of genres that include rhythm and blues, pop, soul, gospel, funk, and jazz.


Steve Wonder 

Stevie Wonder, real name Stevland Hardaway Morris (born Judkins; May 13, 1950), is an American singer-songwriter. Musicians from a variety of genres, such as jazz, rhythm and blues, pop, soul, and gospel, give him credit as a pioneer and influence. Wonder was a virtual one-man band who revolutionized R&B in the 1970s by using synthesizers and other electronic instruments. Incorporating socially conscious remarks into his LPs’ intricate compositions, he also contributed to bringing such genres into the album era. Wonder, a child prodigy who had been blind since shortly after his birth, signed with Motown’s Tamla label at the age of 11 and was given the stage name Little Stevie Wonder.

With over 100 million records sold globally, Wonder is one of the best-selling musicians of all time. He has one Academy Award (Best Original Song, for the 1984 movie The Woman in Red) and 25 Grammy Awards, the most of any solo musician. Wonder has been honored with induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and Rhythm and Blues Music Hall of Fame. He is renowned for his work as a political activist, particularly for his 1980 drive to have Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday declared a federal holiday in the United States. He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2014 after being appointed a United Nations Messenger of Peace in 2009.

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